Fitzrovia Block Management offers a selection of property, leasehold and estate management services.

What I Do

With an expanding portfolio we have a wealth of experience working with major developers as well as a diverse portfolio. We’ve earned our reputation for perfectly placed agents with expert credentials and local expertise. We offer a unique management service tailored specifically for your clients needs.

Budgeting for any development is key to successful management. Fitzrovia Block Management also offer developers and freeholders advice on new schemes, as well as liaising with resident management companies, to ensure properties are managed efficiently and practically.

Our Expertise

We have accrued an in-depth knowledge of what is required in the successful management of buildings. We understand the leaseholder / managing agent relationship and the importance of transparent and efficient communication. We are also in the rarefied position of being experts in asset management and fully intend to pass these benefits onto our clients and customers. All our buildings will have personalised 10-year maintenance plans put in place to ensure proactive planned maintenance of every asset.


Many managing agents receive commissions that they do not disclose to their clients. Some operate in partnership with contractors or agents, who are not necessarily the right choice for every building.

We will always disclose any arrangements we have which affect your building. In many cases we have shared commissions so that service charges are reduced. You need never worry that you are not seeing the full picture.

Bespoke Approach

At Fitzrovia Block Management we have built our client base by managing their properties as if they were our own. Understanding that all properties are different is key to our management.

This bespoke approach has generated loyalty from our clients and has enabled us to provide them with a tailored package to suit all their requirements. We offer block management services to Residents’ Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, Freeholders and Developers.

Need Advice?

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Our Fees & Terms

Management fees should be totally transparent.
Our service is tailor made to your requirements, so our fees will vary, and we will obviously agree these with you in advance. Every building is different and so will need a varying degree of management, some examples of the types of management are here: